Award for BJRL

To all our players and supporters

As part of a new initiative commencing this year, the CRL have decided to present each division of Country NSW an award for Club of the year.

I am very proud to announce on behalf of the committee that the Bowraville Tigers JRL club has been nominated as CRL club of the year for the East Coast region.

This is recognition for hard work & dedication carried out by each and every volunteer involved in the club over the past 44 years and we, as a club should be very proud to be honoured with such an award.

From humble beginnings our Club is a real success story considering it has continued to grow whilst the local economy has fallen on tough times. We have developed into the club we are by sticking with the core values of player participation, equality and working as a group with no individual bigger than the club itself.

The award ceremony is being held at the Holiday Inn Potts Point on 6th August 2016.

President Chris

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