Under 12 Round 8 Match Report

Under 12s Round 8 v Sawtell.
The first half was a very tight arm wrestle with Bowra having probably the best of field position most of the way through the half. But to Sawtell's credit they defended very well and kept turning up and holding Bowra out time and time again. This defence lead to the first try being scored by a good run from Sawtell. So Bowra had to try and make the most of some of the field position they were getting from some solid defence but regular mistakes would see them keep turning the ball over. Finally just before half time Bowra were in for their first try of the day with another great run by Taejarn Swan putting it down next to the posts. The conversion was missed so at halftime Bowra were behind 6 - 4.
Sawtell again in the second half showed that they have improved quite a lot from our first round game defending very strongly. But with some good ball control it would be Bowra to score the first try to Players Player Jordan Welsh who had run the ball strongly all game. Conversion was guided through the posts from out wide by Josh Willer. Bowra in front 10 - 6. Not long after that try Lachlan Johnson was in under the posts after beating a couple of defenders and racing 40 metres. This was also converted this time by Brody Howle. So with the cow bell ringing to bring full time to the game Bowra would run out winners 16 - 6.

Under 12's Round 7 Match Report

Under 12s Round 7 v Kempsey
With this being the top of the table clash and the last time we meet saw it end in a draw, this game was an important one.
Knowing this we had to come out of the blocks firing which saw some great early up defence by Darcy Fitzgerald, Liam Azzopardi, Josh Stuart and Taejarn Swan which lead to a big field advantage. But to Kempseys credit they defended very well as the Bowra team were throwing everything at them. Some handy ball running from Captain Brody Howle, Jake Duckett, Jake Lowick and Nate Pike had Bowra attacking at the right end of the field, with the ball getting moved around the field well it got to Liam Cuffe who would step and weave his way through defenders to offload to Brayden Luffman who then beat one to get over the line for the first try. Josh Willer converted the try to take the score to 6 - 0. This saw some late arrivals from Kempsey with one of these looking like he had forgotten to have a shave. This must of made our team worry about him as they let him straight through on his first run, coming to Brayden at fullback then throwing him away like a ragdoll but that was enough to slow him down, then with a good offload this seen Kempsey score under the posts on the halftime bell. Halftime 6 - 6.
The second half would be much the same as the first, a good arm wrestle between the 2 teams leading to some great defence and the first try of the second half to our Players Player Lachlan Johnson which was uncoverted to take Bowra out to a 10 - 6 lead. The tight tussle would continue with Kempsey continually putting in some nice kicks to our very safe back 3 Zander Bonett, Jack Nash and Tahlisha Mason Woods. Again our group that came off the bench Symon Glesson and Ethan Williams would make some great runs and defensively doing there job. But this was not enough to stop Kempsey going in for the next 2 trys to take the score to 16 - 10. With time running out and plenty of opportunity with the ball in good position some poor attacking decisions would lead to easy turnovers on about 3 different occasions. So this would end up being the difference and with the bell ringing Bowra would have there first loss of the year, which is still a great achievement for a team that every year just straps into semifinals. So back to training Tuesday to work on a few things.

Under 12 Round 6 Match Report

Under 12s round 6 v Smithtown
After a weekend off you could tell the boys were a bit off, more interested in talking about new skins on Fortnite or who played better in the school game midweek.
The first half started off a bit rusty for both sides and took a bit before Bowra got the ball in some good field position allowing a good dummy half run from Josh Willer to cross first, this was converted by Brayth Ledger. Again our restart defence was a bit lacking in commitment which would see Smithtown make easy metres to put in a good last tackle kick to score. So with the scores back on level terms it was time for someone to stand up. Lachlan Johnson took the tap which drew a penalty, off the next tap he went straight through to only get run down and held up over the line. So with a play the ball 10 out the ball went to Josh Stuart who with a strong run went in to score out wide. The conversion was missed and at half time Bowra were ahead 10 - 6. Special mention to today's players player Liam Azzopardi for his great defence which might see him shift in a few positions.
The second half started a little like the first with some poor defence and a penalty, this would get Smithtown down the right end of the field and they made the most of it to score in the corner, so it was all locked up again. With the restart it look like a couple of the boys realised Smithtown were here to play. So with that they got a little more serious and looked a lot better in attack and with a couple of dummy's Brayden Luffman would cross for the next try, again uncoverted. The try for try game didn't change which saw Smithtown cross again and the scores were once again level. Bowra had the ball back with around 5 mins left and took it down the field, last tackle was called and with the defence waiting for a kick Brayden ran the ball on the last, step a couple and with a good inside ball to Josh Willer this would see him pick up a second for the game. This took the score to 18 - 14 and with little time left ended up being the winning try.
So hopefully we can have everyone at training this week to get ready for a big game against Kempsey.

Under 12's Round 5 Match Report

Under 12's Round 5 v Orara
With this game being the last game of the first round, the boys were keen to continue there great start to the season.
Again the boys started with a bang with some solid defence we got early ball which meant after some big charges from again Josh Stuart, Darcy Fitzgerald and captain Jordan Welsh, the ball was spread wide by Jack Cleversley into the hands of our attacking weapon Liam Cuffe who raced past defenders like they were standing still to cross for his first try. After the restart Orara were making some good metres but with Taejarn Swan, Brayth Ledger and Nate Pike defending well on the edges shut down any chance of them crossing. With the ball back in Bowra' s hands it was not long before Liam had it in his and crossing the line for his second try. Orara had the restart again and made the most of some lazy defence and crossed out wide with a good try which took the score to 10 - 4. Bowra would only have time for one set before halftime and took full advantage with some good lead up runs by Josh Willer, Lachlan Johnson, Zander Bonnet and Jack Nash it was again given to Liam to finish off with another try under the posts. So halftime score would read Bowra ahead 14 - 4.
The second half would see a more determine Orara side so it's was a good arm wrestle with Orara to cross first to take the score to 14 - 8. The Bowra boys were again in some good attacking positions which almost lead to a try to Symon Gleeson who was only millimetres short, but Orara were able to hold them out. Bowra was back on the defence and again some strong tackling from Jake Duckett and Brayden Luffman saw Bowra get the ball back and within 2 tackles back in Liam's little hands which he had to fight off 3 defenders to race 20 metres before a good offload to Brayth Ledger for this first try of the year right on fulltime. The final score Bowra 20 - 8. Again with a great effort off the bench Jake Lowick and Ethan Williams tackled and run the ball strongly. Another great win for the boys to go into the week off with.

Under 12's Round 4 Match Report

Round 4 v Woolgoolga
This was the grandfinal rematch from last year. The boys were ready to rip in from the kick off, making easy metres up the field with some great runs from Jordan Welsh, Brayth Ledger and Taejarn Swan. The first try of the day went to Josh Willer with another sneaky dive over from dummy half after a great run from Captain Josh Stuart, this was converted to get Bowra away to a great start. Again as they have done for the first 3 games defence was sensational not letting Woopi get a chance of making any ground. It wasn't long before Liam Cuffe was in for his first try of the game, from making a break out wide and then racing 70 metres to score under the posts. Soon after another great set in defence, Jack Clevesley saw a shortage of players down the blind side which he took advantage of beating the fullback to score in the corner. This try wasn't converted so at half time Bowra lead 16 - 0.
The second half started much the same as the first with super defence giving Woopi no field position to do anything. Bowra were first to score with Players player this week Brayden Luffman coming up with a great try from chasing hard on his own kick which he got the perfect bounce to race 50 metres to score. After this it wasn't long before we were on the attack again, the boys saw that they had an over lap out wide and some quick hands and a perfectly timed and thrown cut out ball from Taejarn Swan saw Liam Cuffe cross for his second of the day. Both second half tries were convert and the score was 28 - 0. I think the boys thought the job was done and this lead to some lazy defence in the last 5 minutes so Woopi got in for a couple of late trys to take the final score to 28 - 14. This was again another pleasing result for the hard work they are putting in at training each week.