V Smithtown

Saturday, Hennessy Tape Stadium, Bowra U12's took on Smithtown Tigers & their star player "Stevie Man Child". It wasn't long into the game when "Stevie" got the ball & ran around  & over the top of most of the Bowra team. Try to Smithtown 6-0.Bowra hit back with a great little try to Tom Keough. Jake Jones converts. 6 all.

A short time later & Smithtown are getting smashed by the Bowra defence. Locky Craggs, Zak Single , Tom Keough & Wasso are hitting hard. But don't get carried away cause guess who gets the ball? Stevie's in for his second try. 10-6 Smithtown.

Bowra are on the attack thanks to great yards by Luke Fitz & Zayla Castle. Near the line now & Finn Stephens sees a gap. TRY!   Halftime 10 all.

Not sure what Moz & Brad said to them at halftime but it sure worked. Bowra's team work improved. The ball was now being spread from one side of the field to the other. Bowra turned on the POWER!! Try after Try was scored. Bowra's defence was superb. Moving up & shutting down Smithtown's attack, especially you know who. Fulltime Bowra win 30-10.


Blake Sampson  had an excellent game. Blake is one of those players that make everything look so easy (I'm jealous). Good to see him back.

Oshay Tyerman denied Stevie a 3rd try by making one of his try saving cover tackles. Oshay combined very well when he linked up with Blake Sampson. These two boys have a great understanding of how to play footy.

Elijah Cooper was back to his rampaging best. Hey Dad whatever you fed him for breaky, same again for the rest of the season please. Simply awesome Coops.

TRIES; Oshay 2, Blake Sampson 1, Finn Stephens 1, Tom Keough 1, Hugh Ahearn 1

Goals; Oshay, Zak Single, Jake Jones