v Orara Valley

Bowra got off to a slow start on Saturday, & before the pies in the canteen were even hot, Orara had scored 2 meat pies of their own. 8-0. Bowra then started to get stuck in. Big runs by Riley Mylrea, Caleb Wassens & Rhys Ballard gave their team good field position. Then it was passed out wide to the ever present Oshay Tyerman who crashed over out wide.

Lachie Craggs had the hard kick from the side line. I had a birds eye view of the kick & this is how it went. Craggs lines it up. Its high, its long, its straight, its over!!! What a superb strike. 8-6. Bowra on the attack again just before half time. Finn Stephens on one of his side stepping, jinking, brute strength runs, slams the ball over the line. 10-8.

The second half started like the first with Orara scoring at will. They would have scored even more if it wasn't for a couple of amazing cover tackles from the great fullback, Oshay. Elijah Cooper had the Orara defence back pedalling with some steam rolling runs. Bowra put on another try thanks to a perfect kick from Jake Jones. Jake's grubber kick into the in goal was swooped on by that kid called Oshay (he's every where). Orara now lead 18-14 & it was game on.

The heads went down when Orara scored again but Bowra finished strong with a clever try to Zak Single. Fulltime Orara 22  Bowra  18.

Just need to be a bit more positive. Get behind the line & encourage each other & don't worry about the try that has been scored against you. Instead talk about what you are going to do with the ball (off the tap off). A few things to work on. Have a good week off & then we can prepare for the big games ahead.