v Nambucca 1/4/17

Expecting water and mud we were pleasantly surprised to arrive at a dry and sunny Kempsey for our first game of the year. Although stepping up to 13 a side this year Nambucca only turned up with 11 players so we matched them giving us 9 players on the bench, including Liam Cuffe who volunteered to help us when we looked like only having 11 players ourselves.

Brodie Moore returned where he left off last year with great running and crunching defence. Alex Brown and Diem Woods were both also excellent in attack and defence, ably assisted by James Smart, Wez Brown and Chris Lill .

Kurt Stennett and Jye Mulvihill wore the DH vests and worked great getting the ball out with the odd scoot thrown in.

Zane Jones and Finnian Walsh were our first recievers and distributed the ball well, taking a run where it was on and sending the ball out when they could.

Clint West and Jarmaul Tyerman weaved and darted their way around the field with Nick Kenny, Jarrad Fitzgerald, Jake Blanch and Joeli Bula backing up.

Newcomers Nick Brooks, Ayden Sicrist and Zachery Sutton had big games proving they will have a big year of footy. Nick Brooks pulled off the cover tackle of the day, chasing down their biggest opponent and taking him down.

Defence was the thing that won us the game with whole team keeping a pretty good line all game, moving up both sides and getting in the way of the big boys. It was also good to see the ball get out the back line a bit and watching players fill in other players shoes when they were caught out of position or off.

Bowra ended up taking out the game 30 — 4