V Smithtown

Saturday, Hennessy Tape Stadium, Bowra U12's took on Smithtown Tigers & their star player "Stevie Man Child". It wasn't long into the game when "Stevie" got the ball & ran around  & over the top of most of the Bowra team. Try to Smithtown 6-0.Bowra hit back with a great little try to Tom Keough. Jake Jones converts. 6 all.

A short time later & Smithtown are getting smashed by the Bowra defence. Locky Craggs, Zak Single , Tom Keough & Wasso are hitting hard. But don't get carried away cause guess who gets the ball? Stevie's in for his second try. 10-6 Smithtown.

Bowra are on the attack thanks to great yards by Luke Fitz & Zayla Castle. Near the line now & Finn Stephens sees a gap. TRY!   Halftime 10 all.

Not sure what Moz & Brad said to them at halftime but it sure worked. Bowra's team work improved. The ball was now being spread from one side of the field to the other. Bowra turned on the POWER!! Try after Try was scored. Bowra's defence was superb. Moving up & shutting down Smithtown's attack, especially you know who. Fulltime Bowra win 30-10.


Blake Sampson  had an excellent game. Blake is one of those players that make everything look so easy (I'm jealous). Good to see him back.

Oshay Tyerman denied Stevie a 3rd try by making one of his try saving cover tackles. Oshay combined very well when he linked up with Blake Sampson. These two boys have a great understanding of how to play footy.

Elijah Cooper was back to his rampaging best. Hey Dad whatever you fed him for breaky, same again for the rest of the season please. Simply awesome Coops.

TRIES; Oshay 2, Blake Sampson 1, Finn Stephens 1, Tom Keough 1, Hugh Ahearn 1

Goals; Oshay, Zak Single, Jake Jones


v Sawtell 18 July

Saturday at Hennessy Tape cauldron, Bowra U12s came up against defending premiers & competition leaders Sawtell. The Bowra boys & girl knew this game would test them but they have the players to beat them.

Bowra had a great start to the game laying on 2 tries, both to Hudson Garzoli. These 2 tries were a result of teamwork. Firstly, by running hard & offloading to a player who was in a better position. Secondly, by passing the ball more than twice. This got Hudson on the outside of the Sawtell defence & his pace & strength done the rest. Most times in junior footy if you get the ball out wide to a dangerous player quickly, he will make plenty of meters.

Bowra went in at halftime with a 14-10 lead after a sneaky try up the blind side by dummy half Hugh Ahearn.

In the second half Bowra lost their way. Maybe cause they had to make so many changes (23 kids), or maybe just too much dropped ball & poor tackling.

But they did finish the game off in style with a try to Finn Stephens.

Fulltime Sawtell 26- Bowra 22.


Super game this week from Luke Fitzgerald. Luke split them up the middle in attack & worked hard in defence. It just goes to show what a difference confidence makes to a player. Luke also backed up for U13's.

Locky Craggs had his best game of the year. Locky was responsible for getting the ball out wide for Hudson's 2 tries. Just has to make sure the passes get their quick, if to slow it puts the runners outside him under too much pressure. Tackling is getting back to his old ways, when he was the best.

Bryce Pike showed great courage when he came of his wing to try & stop the huge Sawtell number 10. This is not the first time Bryce has put his body on the line for his team. His team mates need to be "as brave".

Mr Stephens (water boy) showed great energy. Top Notch.

Under 12's v Kempsey

Here we go again. For the 3rd time this season Bowra played Kempsey but this time its on home turf. Bowra was missing a few key players, Zac Single, Rhys Ballard & Blake Sampson, all away on holidays. It was a tight & sometimes torrid game with both teams scoring entertaining tries. Kempsey led at halftime 10-8 & looked to have the match won with 7 minutes to go. But Bowra dug deep & scored to level the scores at 14 all. Then with 2 mins left on the clock the ball was spun out the backline to the dangerous Hudson Garzoli. Hawke turned on the "after burners" & sprinted all the way to score underneath the posts. You little beauty!!!    Fulltime Bowra 20 Kempsey 14.

Special mention this week:

Bailey Hicks scored a try with his strength & sheer pace. Must get the ball more.

Caleb Wassens superb game again. Would not have won without Wasso. Attack & especially his defence (great technique) is brilliant.

Jacob Moore's tackling was superb this week. Keep getting involved Jacob.

Tom Keough came on dummy half & was instrumental to Bowra's great comeback. Some slick passing & sharp little runs got his team going.

Oshay Tyerman was outstanding & his never give in attitude lifted his teammates. Looked a better player when he was passing & putting players into gaps. Saved the best for last. This boy is only a little fella but by geeze he's a goer. When he wasn't scoring tries he was saving them. Brings down much much bigger players with his courageous tackling. Always something happening when he touches the ball.

He's a leader. He's a mate. He's our Captain. He's Finn Stephens.


Under 12's Bowra v Kempsey

Bowra started slowly this weekend against Kempsey at Verge St Oval, until Elijah Cooper ran on & gave us some good go forward. This go forward set up Bowra's first try scored by Tom Keough in the corner. Great conversion by Oshay Tyerman.

Oshay scored a try of his own, converted by Jake Jones, Bowra 12-0.

Kempsey hit back with a try. Halftime 12-4.

Kempsey came out firing in the second half with BIG KEV scoring after a barging run.  Bowra 12  Kempsey 10   GAME ON!!!

Bowra needed to lift their game, & they did!!! Leading the way was Caleb Wassens. Finn Stephens crashed over to score after another superb run from Wasso.  Bowra 16-10

Defence went up a notch & Kempsey dropped the ball. Bowra close to the line now. Who gets the ball? Who is it? Its Riley Mylrea on the burst!!! Riley straight over the top of 1,then 2,then 3 & carries 3 more over the try line & slams the ball down. TRY!!!!! Bowra crowd goes berserk. Zak Single converts.

Fulltime   BOWRA 22   KEMPSEY 10

Standout performances:

Jake Jones in defence this week really stood up. Played tough.

Caleb Wassens in both attack & defence was outstanding. Inspires his teammates.

Oshay Tyerman chasing then making a copy book cover tackle. Game saver.

Zak Single made around 40 tackles. He's our Paul Gallen

Rhys Ballard solid in defence. Best tackling performance this year by Rhys

Team song was the loudest I've ever heard. Winnings fun

Riley Mylrea $5 voucher from Nambucca Hotel  MAN OF MATCH

v Smithtown 30 May

Bowra vs Smithtown, always a good tussle when the two tiger teams meet.

This was yet another battle to the max & the Bowra boys & girl didn't let the huge Bowra fan base down. I think coaches Moz & Brad would be pleased at the big improvement in the defence from the U12s. Led by Zac Single, they moved up & showed some real aggression in their tackles. Elijah Cooper, Riley Mylrea, Luke Fitz & Caleb Wassen were like a brick wall, nothing was getting past them. Zayla Castle, Jake Jones, Hudson Garzoli, Blake Sampson & Locky Brooks were working together well. If 1 Bowra player made a tackle, 1, 2 or 3 more players came in to help. This was needed because Smithtown had some big boppers.

In attack, we looked the best so far this season. Threw the hands of Finn Stephens, Jake Jones ,Oshay Tyerman & Jacob Moore, the ball went from one side to the other, this made Smithtown tire very quickly. Ben Whalen, Bryce Pike, Dane Cooper & the 2 Toms, Keough & Stanford were ready to capitalise. The speed of the play the ball was very good. Smithtown couldn't get their defence set because we got up quick & played the ball fast.

Fulltime Bowra 34  Smithtown 16

Bowra finished with 7 Tries -  Oshay 3,  Finn 3,  Hugh 1                 3 Goals   Finn,  Zac,   Jake   1 each.

Great work by coaches in rotating 25 players, this is a massive job. The team is starting to gel together quite nicely. They are learning each other's playing style & responding with improvement in team work each week.

LETS NOT SLACKEN OFF!!!  Keep listening & learning & don't muck up at training.

The coaches put their precious time into you so the best way to repay them is to train well & do your best.