v Woolgoolga Major Semi

I have been watching this age group now for 10 years and never seen the team perform like they did on Saturday 29th August 2015. Parents and spectators watched the massive and intimidating Woopi pack sign on, and wondered where all the big boys came from as pack looked bigger than usual.

Woolgoolga has been the dominant side in this age group since the under 10's, winning all the grand finals and only losing a couple of competition games. The Bowra boys had never beaten Woolgoolga, which included a loss to them in the Grand Final of 2013. Round 3 this year saw the boys come within 4 points of Woopi. Round 9 saw Bowra beat Woopi for the first time in a close 20 – 18 win.

Everyone new that the tide was turning and the expectations were high as the lads took the field in Kempsey. A mistake at the kick off saw Woopi gather the ball and score within 30 seconds. The kick off from Bowra saw Woopi back in for another try within the set. The next kick off was a repeat, with Woopi scoring under the posts, 10 minutes in and the score was 16 – 0 to Woopi. Heads dropped in the crowd in the thought of Woopi running away with it, but the boys and the coaching staff were still upbeat and positive.

Bowra soon got some possession of the ball and were able to claw back to a 10 point deficit at half time. With a score line at half time of 20 – 10 Bowra had some work to do. Some hard hit ups from the Bowra forwards kept the Woopi defence compressed and the fluent Bowra back line took advantage and started to pour on the points.

Some strong muscling defence saw the tide of possession change and the Bowra Boy's took full advantage. Woolgoolga had no answer to the controlled attack of the Bowra Tigers as they ROARED and took the lead. With the game all but lost some rough play from Woopi eventuated with the referee sending the fullback with a 10 minute rest in the sheds.

The boys put on a couple more tries for practice and the fulltime score Bowra 40 to Woopi 20.

No names were mentioned in this Tiger Tale as the boys played as a team, they were all committed in defence and attacked as a team; it was a complete team effort and a show of the Boy's determination, belief in themselves and their team mates. Tigers are usually a solitary hunters but this mob of tigers dragged down the Sea Horses. It goes to show its not the size of the tiger but the size of the heart in the tiger.