v Sawtell 18 June

Wow what a comeback!

Jackson takes the ball from the kick off and charges through for a 40 meter run. Unfortunately Sawtell dislodge the ball and get then scrum feed. Three tackles later they're in, 6 nil to Sawtell. This was only the start of more errors in the first half, where now we find ourselves down 24 – 0. Half time is 6 mins away when we pack a scrum 20 meters from Sawtell's line. A beautifully worked scrum move produces our first try by Luke Ormandy and Mitchell Morison kicks the conversion from the sideline, 24 – 6.

Halftime the boys heads are up and pat each other on the back. "Let's stop the errors" they say "We can do this, come on!"

Well- do it they did. The errors dried up, they tackled hard and ran harder, they started to believe, believe in their talent, believe they are good enough to win.

They were able to stop multiple attempts by Sawtell in the corners, all but one. Full time 30 – 22.

Very proud of ALL of the boys, great team effort, family, friends and supporters all impressed. We are good enough, the wins will come.

Watch this space!

Thank you again for the under 15's backing up, we appreciate it so much, you're a part of our team. Thanks.