7's Tigers v Nambucca

It was a great start to the day down by the shores of Nambucca Heads.  The games starts with the Nambucca roosters kick off to the tigers...

At No.1 bull raging Chad Fuller with eyes open wide, met some stiff Nambucca defence. He was picked up and driven back a few metres but that didn't stop him. A Few minutes later he was off wresting, 15 metres behind the run of play with teammate Levi Kay fine tuning those hard hit up skills.

2nd in charge was Thomas Leece. With the ball tucked under one arm and the other arm out as a shield, Thomas marched the team forward with aggressive facial expression implying to the roosters  "they dare not lay a hand on me!".

Third run, was foot loose Levi Kay. After doing the chicken dance and running 15 meters to the side and circling round the back - the team reminded him to "GO FORWARD LEVI!" who soon reset that compass and run a few dazzling metres up the side line moving his team up the field.

Next was to be Manassa Bula-Tika, I think the cover tackling machine was saving his energy for when we were to defend our line, so he gave way for the hard working Jayda Cohen to make a bustling run who didn't get stopped until Nambucca's second attempt, then was finally brought down 15 metres out from the try line. Positioning us well for defence.

Nambucca had great attack which put our defence to the test. Some really good cover defence from Manassa, Declan Rouse, Matty Recklies and Jayda.

In a second round off attack we had some great carry forwards by the Recklies boys and Declan Rouse. Daniel and Matty Recklies had grins from ear to ear when they ran. When we say as coaches, "just have some fun", well the Recklies boys take it serious. That is; serious fun. Matty won man of the match with his great attitude and his eagerness to help the team go forward.

Last to run was Declan Rouse, and he sure didn't let his team down. With a step and a weave, he brushed off through some tough Nambucca defence to score a 25-30 metre try. In defence he was as usual, a brick wall... Also to put some points on the board late in the game was our team speedster, Manassa the stepping guru Bula- Tika... Oh and the cover tackling machine for the team, week in week out.. Manassa's try came off the back of great run by Jayda Cohen who almost got to the line herself. That placed her runner up to Matty recklies Best and Fairest on the day. Both receive a movie ticket.

With some of our greatest defending machines missing in action (Darius Ringsted  and Riley Smart) there were a few trys stacked up against us, the tigers went off winners anyway congratulating Nambucca on their victory. Better luck next time tigers.

May the inner tiger in you be contained til next meet. RRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrroar

Under 7's Black 23rd July

What a beautiful morning at Hennessey Tape Oval, with the Under 7's Black up against Under 7's Tigers.

The local Darby.

All the boys are continuing to show great improvement in their defence and attack. Tom Milne and Tim Tomey are always tackling with huge smiles and extra enthusiasm. Ash Angel and Kirby Welsh, two good running players, made ground and tackled hard. Connor Laverty played his usual solid game, whilst Aston Pike was always there to help the boys in the tackles. Smallest player of them all, Sam Harper, weaved around the defence to score a wonderful try. The Man of the Match performance was by Quinn bulldozer Ledger, showing great improvement in defence. Ethan Harper and Logan Howle, keep improving and running straight, whilst Jack Winslow runs straight and hard through the defence.

The best part of the game was the winning joint performance of the Tiger's Song- 'great mates

Under 7's 18th June

Finally played against Bowra Tigers, coached by Stevie Kay, on bowra home ground. Boys played well.

Logan Howle, well the lollie bribe worked with his tackling really improving.

Aston Pike, great dummy half with some great runs up field.

Connor Lav, had a great game tackling everything and some great runs.

Ethan Harper, really starting to improve each week.

Tom Milne, always leads up the defensive line great tackling.

Kirby Welsh, strong in defence and a couple of great diving tries.

Quinn bulldozer Ledger, strong straight running with a great palm.

Jack Winslow, since his mum worked out he needed power raid on his weetbix, his running game has gone to a new level.

Beau Willett, for a young boy he loves his footy running, tackling and especially the team song.

Tim Tomey, this boys strong runs bumping off players and always smiling.

Ash Angel, for the son of an AFL great, this boy has found his feet on the league field with a few tries.

Sam Harper, for a little player he does a power of defence

Keep up the great work boys. Go Bowra.