Under 8's Black

Under 8's Bowra Black

The local derby between the two Bowra 8's teams went ahead without a glitch, as I was not there due to the AGM of the Fridge Magnet club association being held on the same day. For those of you who are interested I was voted best display.

Macca took the reins. He said both teams played well with a draw being the end result. Macca showed concern when Mrs Ennis "nee" Trisley handed the jumpers over before kickoff. Macca opened the bag and near fainted when the jumpers had not been washed. Mrs Ennis 'nee' Trisley said she would take notes for Tiger Tails. The game started with everyone noticing Mrs Ennis 'nee' Trisley was watching the wrong game! Nevermind small steps as at least she was there. After rehab her head was a bit messed up.

Thank you to Macca for taking control of the day and thank you to Mrs Ennis for turning up. Well done boys!

V Nambucca

After missing the previous week and Macca playing golf at Rio, training cancelled, I did not know what to expect. All the boys gathered around the footy bag with pegs on their noses obviously still concerned from the week before. I reassured the boys that Mrs Ennis did not wash the jumpers this week.

We had to trial a new league safe. Murray "leave it" Toomey. Father of Kobi "give it" Toomey. Murray ran more metres in one game than Macca ran all season.

The whistle went, we were slow into our work with the roosters dominating at first. Levi Fuller took his first charge into the defence. Casey Lawson proved allusive in attack. Jacob Rowlings improves every game running with ease. Beau Harper listened to pre game instructions "We're playing the Heads you need to smash em". Murray "leave it" Toomey suddenly learnt why there is so much rivalry between us and them. Beau ripped in. Jye Howle tried his best with some deep inroads upfield. This was the only game Jyero has not scored in this season. Ben Ennis Trisley said mum could not make it due to polocross commitments. Ben and I agreed there was a pattern forming. He apologized for his mother's behavior. I said to Ben 'just play footy and that he did'. He's considering moving out next footy season and coming to live with the Howles' fulltime.

Noa McDonald did not want to play first receiver. He said he wanted to score a try. He was so close to the line it nearly could have been. Jonah Cohen the funny guy of the team, played a ripper of a game especially in defence. Dom Rouse playing in his sisters sport socks tried hard all day. Harrison Kennedy improves every week. "H"s defence has improved out of sight with some ball and all tackles. Kobi 'give it' Toomey was being over watered by the new league safe.  Kobi still played a great game and last but not least Darcy Milne starred with two tries; one being an intercept. Darcy also tackled the best all season. We sang the Bowra chant with vigor when suddenly we were distracted by some of the St Pats boys singing some homily prayer song. Sounded like "Aroochacha Aroochacha Aroochachacha, singing in the rain". Ben Ennis was leading the charge saying he was dedicating it to his mum. Timmy "you owe it" Toomey also joined us for the team song putting his own mark on it. Well done boys!

Under 8's Black 23rd July

With the school holidays over it was back to some sort of normality...  Footy on the weekend.

Harrison H Kennedy kicked off and before we knew it we were defending our line. The heads boys ran riot through our defence. We were still in holiday mode. We finally received the ball and Levi Fuller charged up field. Darcy Milne stepped his way through the defence only to be cut down just metres from our line.

Jacob Rowlings took it upon himself to get us out of trouble. Jacob made good metres taking us into enemy territory. Beau Harper has developed a bump and run style knocking over defence with ease.

Jye Howle returned from his outback adventure at Goondiwindi ever keen to impress. Jye kept is eye out for his best mate Ben Ennis in his travels; he was spotted in a cotton field. We would dearly love to see Ben Back in the Black and gold colours on the footy field soon. Mother Michelle thought she was picking opium but her case worker was happy to see her outside.

Noa McDonald continues to shine especially in attack. Noa leads the try assists by a mile with a solid passing game. Jonah Cohen improves every week with some dazzling footwork with ball in hand. Dominic Rouse played well. Dom scored 2 good tries against the run of play. Harry H Kennedy played well and is starting to show is wares in defence and attack. Well done Harry. Kobi Toomey was again impressive with some crushing front on defence. Kobi runs the ball with vigour and determination. Well done Kobi!

Go Bowra!

8's Black Gala Day

Yes that's right, Bowra finally got the green light to host their first gala day since the fields ran east west back in the late 70s. (It's been a while anyway). Our boys were to play Kempsey, Sawtell, Woopi and Coffs. With some teams pulling out and some just leaving. Our boys just wanted to play footy and that they did.

Jye Howle fresh from a sickie the day before paid dividends for Bowra. Jye scored from the kick off. Well done Jyro. Levi Fuller paced himself knowing that we had a few games to play. Levi gaining in confidence was more eager this week to score than ever but so sadly missed out. Casey Lawson arriving just a little late, did not disappoint. Casey full of energy gives it his all in attack and defence. Darcy Milne improved his defence for the day. Darcy played well in all four games. Darcy was instrumental in convincing the other boys in playing Sawtell in the last game as Orara did not show. Jacob Rowlings also arrived a little late laying blame on his siblings, saying they just wouldn't get out of bed. Jacob a natural ball runner toyed with the defence. Jacob did some great cover tackling. Beau Harper played with his angry pants on. Beau took it on himself to tame the no 13 from Sawtell. Beau ran over the top of him more than once. He also gave him a tackling lesson. Well done Beau. The no.7 Ben Ennis was missing in action was excused. He said mother Michelle was on duty at a polling booth therefore she couldn't make it. Truth be known after getting out of rehab, Michelle was campaigning for the three day weekend party after being sacked by the greens through the week. Michelle forgot to disclose that they owned a bulldozer. Jonah Cohen also arrived late. He said that mum was struggling with the twins. Jonah just gets better every week. Jonah has found his feet with some great charges up the field. Dominic Rouse played well wreaking havoc in attack. Dom was spent come game five. Noa Macdonald showed his silky skills with the ball. Noa always looking to promote the ball fooling the defence, dummied and took them on just falling short to score. Harry 'H" Kennedy deserved a week off. Harry had to tie up a few loose ends prior to June 30. Kobi 'give it' Toomey played well. Kobi just loves footy. He just runs as if there is no tomorrow. Well done Kobi.

A big thank you to Jamie Townley who officiated in 4 out of 5 games doing a great job.

8's Black v Smithtown

After a wild and windy training session on Friday, the team arrived and Hennessy Tape ready to rumble.

The Smithtown boys still having nightmares over Kobi Toomey's runs earlier this year were soon reminded about his damaging charges when they kicked off with the ball heading straight for Kobi. He scored from the kick off.

Levi Fuller improves every week especially in attack. Casey Lawson just rips and tares from the start to finish. Darcy Milne has mastered the dummy half roll with a few games under his belt. Darcy has also started to string a few tackles together.

Jacob Rowlings scored a fantastic solo try. Jacobs covering tackles are pretty to watch. Well done Jacob. Beau Harper made some deep inroads into enemy territory. Keep it up Beau. Jye Howle scored a great try confusing the defence with a swerving  run.

Ben Ennis, son of Michelle and Craig was a late scratching. Apparently Ben was struck down with a mystery virus. A reliable source informed me that there was a rave party organized all weekend at the house of sin.

Noa McDonald just keeps the team organized at first receiver. Noa, a very unselfish person passes the ball whenever he gets a chance. Jonah Cohen went to another level this week. Jonah fresh from an athletics carnival the day before ran like it was a 50m dash. Well done Jonah. Dominic Rouse made some dominant runs when it was his turn. Dom scored a great try leaving defenders behind him.

Harry "H" Kennedy said he was disappointed not scoring a try on the day. But he had a great dame striding up field with ease.

Bowra once again tamed the Smithtown Toothless tigers! Well done boys

8's Bowra Black v Nambucca Blue

The annual team photos were scheduled before the Bowra boys took to the field against the undefeated Nambucca Heads Blue team. With all the boys more than ready to roll we were just waiting for a one more. Noa McDonald. Karen Perkins was eager to assemble the boys while still waiting for Noa, then he arrived, hair slicked back, nothing out of place. Before we knew it the photos were over. Game time.

Levi Fuller had his first charge into enemy territory. Casey Lawson followed with a perfect run around and confused the heads boys. Jacob Rowlings just toyed with the defence. Jacob went onto score 2 tries, and tackled very well. Darcy Milne scooted from dummy half on the last tackle only to be denied scoring his first try.

Beau Harper played his usual solid game. Beau was having a few of the boys over for a sleepover which inspired him. Ben Ennis is starting to click at first receiver directing the players around the field. Ben said mum could not make it as she was still a bit hungover from the night before.

Noa McDonald proved the difference at first receiver marshaling the troops left and right. Macca, Noa's dad our league safe decided to play golf at the last minute. This did not worry Noa. Macca did not make the cut at golf.

Jonah Cohen was voted the most photogenic player on the day. Jonah also played his best game of the year. Jye Howle had a case of the dropsy's. Jye soon rallied to run deep into the opposition territory. Dominic Rouse continues to improve every week, especially with ball in hand.

Harry "JF" Kennedy has been working on his leg drive at training. This was evident on game day. H was charging up field with every run. Kobi "give it" Toomey just gets better every game with some damaging runs. Kobi makes his tackles count and also scoring three tries on the day.

The boys and I would like to pass on our condolences to Aidan Hillary Whalen and family after the passing of his father Tom. A big thanks to Karen Perkins for the photo shoot. Knock em down Bowra.

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