8's Black Gala Day

Yes that's right, Bowra finally got the green light to host their first gala day since the fields ran east west back in the late 70s. (It's been a while anyway). Our boys were to play Kempsey, Sawtell, Woopi and Coffs. With some teams pulling out and some just leaving. Our boys just wanted to play footy and that they did.

Jye Howle fresh from a sickie the day before paid dividends for Bowra. Jye scored from the kick off. Well done Jyro. Levi Fuller paced himself knowing that we had a few games to play. Levi gaining in confidence was more eager this week to score than ever but so sadly missed out. Casey Lawson arriving just a little late, did not disappoint. Casey full of energy gives it his all in attack and defence. Darcy Milne improved his defence for the day. Darcy played well in all four games. Darcy was instrumental in convincing the other boys in playing Sawtell in the last game as Orara did not show. Jacob Rowlings also arrived a little late laying blame on his siblings, saying they just wouldn't get out of bed. Jacob a natural ball runner toyed with the defence. Jacob did some great cover tackling. Beau Harper played with his angry pants on. Beau took it on himself to tame the no 13 from Sawtell. Beau ran over the top of him more than once. He also gave him a tackling lesson. Well done Beau. The no.7 Ben Ennis was missing in action was excused. He said mother Michelle was on duty at a polling booth therefore she couldn't make it. Truth be known after getting out of rehab, Michelle was campaigning for the three day weekend party after being sacked by the greens through the week. Michelle forgot to disclose that they owned a bulldozer. Jonah Cohen also arrived late. He said that mum was struggling with the twins. Jonah just gets better every week. Jonah has found his feet with some great charges up the field. Dominic Rouse played well wreaking havoc in attack. Dom was spent come game five. Noa Macdonald showed his silky skills with the ball. Noa always looking to promote the ball fooling the defence, dummied and took them on just falling short to score. Harry 'H" Kennedy deserved a week off. Harry had to tie up a few loose ends prior to June 30. Kobi 'give it' Toomey played well. Kobi just loves footy. He just runs as if there is no tomorrow. Well done Kobi.

A big thank you to Jamie Townley who officiated in 4 out of 5 games doing a great job.