Under 8's Black

Under 8's Bowra Black

The local derby between the two Bowra 8's teams went ahead without a glitch, as I was not there due to the AGM of the Fridge Magnet club association being held on the same day. For those of you who are interested I was voted best display.

Macca took the reins. He said both teams played well with a draw being the end result. Macca showed concern when Mrs Ennis "nee" Trisley handed the jumpers over before kickoff. Macca opened the bag and near fainted when the jumpers had not been washed. Mrs Ennis 'nee' Trisley said she would take notes for Tiger Tails. The game started with everyone noticing Mrs Ennis 'nee' Trisley was watching the wrong game! Nevermind small steps as at least she was there. After rehab her head was a bit messed up.

Thank you to Macca for taking control of the day and thank you to Mrs Ennis for turning up. Well done boys!

V Nambucca

After missing the previous week and Macca playing golf at Rio, training cancelled, I did not know what to expect. All the boys gathered around the footy bag with pegs on their noses obviously still concerned from the week before. I reassured the boys that Mrs Ennis did not wash the jumpers this week.

We had to trial a new league safe. Murray "leave it" Toomey. Father of Kobi "give it" Toomey. Murray ran more metres in one game than Macca ran all season.

The whistle went, we were slow into our work with the roosters dominating at first. Levi Fuller took his first charge into the defence. Casey Lawson proved allusive in attack. Jacob Rowlings improves every game running with ease. Beau Harper listened to pre game instructions "We're playing the Heads you need to smash em". Murray "leave it" Toomey suddenly learnt why there is so much rivalry between us and them. Beau ripped in. Jye Howle tried his best with some deep inroads upfield. This was the only game Jyero has not scored in this season. Ben Ennis Trisley said mum could not make it due to polocross commitments. Ben and I agreed there was a pattern forming. He apologized for his mother's behavior. I said to Ben 'just play footy and that he did'. He's considering moving out next footy season and coming to live with the Howles' fulltime.

Noa McDonald did not want to play first receiver. He said he wanted to score a try. He was so close to the line it nearly could have been. Jonah Cohen the funny guy of the team, played a ripper of a game especially in defence. Dom Rouse playing in his sisters sport socks tried hard all day. Harrison Kennedy improves every week. "H"s defence has improved out of sight with some ball and all tackles. Kobi 'give it' Toomey was being over watered by the new league safe.  Kobi still played a great game and last but not least Darcy Milne starred with two tries; one being an intercept. Darcy also tackled the best all season. We sang the Bowra chant with vigor when suddenly we were distracted by some of the St Pats boys singing some homily prayer song. Sounded like "Aroochacha Aroochacha Aroochachacha, singing in the rain". Ben Ennis was leading the charge saying he was dedicating it to his mum. Timmy "you owe it" Toomey also joined us for the team song putting his own mark on it. Well done boys!